I grew up in a creative environment in San Francisco.

My father, Jack Stauffacher of the Greenwood Press – a letterpress printer, Professor of Typography & fine book designer has been my greatest influence. Visiting his shop as a child

his desk was always full of intriguing projects. Books filled every shelf and the smell of ink

on the Vandercook press remains fresh in my mind, even today.


While I always admired his work,  I had never envisioned a similar career path for myself.

Being the practical girl that I was, I took a more left brain path and pursued a Bachelor’s degree

in Business. After a few years in accounting and insurance, I missed creativity in my work and  saw that my father’s influence on me had been stronger than I realized.


To begin my graphic design career I apprenticed for six years at the Greenwood Press.

I immersed myself in the Press’ work, studying typography under the influence of

designers like Robert SlimbachSumner Stone, Hermann Zapf* and many other design masters. Much of my work focused on typesetting museum quality books and limited editions for

clients such as the Fine Arts Museum of SF, the Book Club of California, and Association Typographique Internationale.


As I became proficient in my new calling, I decided to expand my design skills and made a move to the software industry. I began working with Mindscape Software (also known as Broderbund, Mattel, The Learning Company, and Riverdeep). For six years, I worked on projects such as PrintMaster, PrintShop, Calendar Creator, Expressit and other in-house projects. I used industry standard graphic design tools including QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.
I've recently added the web development tool, Adobe Muse.


My current pursuit is a small design studio in collaboration with industry colleagues just a few miles north of the Golden Gate. Working together as a team, or independently as each project dictates, we are consistently able to satisfy our clients needs with a keen eye for design, attention to detail and a sense of ease. I love the challenge of helping our clients communicate their ideas more effectively with aesthetically pleasing designs.


In my spare time, you can find me spending time with my family and hiking on the slopes of

Mt. Tamalpais, camera in tow.


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